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    Origin: Greek

    Notes: Diminutive form of Anne. Also means “Beautiful” in Hawaiian.

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    i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

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    *gets up on stage and clears throat* *strums guitar* *sings* please stop writing fics where draco malfoy fucks every girl in hogwarts literally doN T GET ME STARTED OH MY GOOOOOOD like for one thing if he was in seventh year i dont think he’d be happily fucking 4th years jfc???…

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    Ok but imagine every other Hogwarts student finding out each year why the Defense against the dark arts teacher has left.

    "Harry Potter kiLLED HIM WITH HIS BARE HANDS?"

    "Harry Potter erASED HIS ENTIRE MEMORY?"

    "Harry Potter let hiM TURN INTO A WEREWOLF?"

    "Harry Potter disCOVERED HIM IN CHEST??"

    "Harry Potter let heR GET CAPTURED BY CENTAURS?"

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    How To Train Your Humans

    Give me a goddamn cup of coffee you shitty sunnuva fuckbasket.


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